Group therapy for English-speaking participants in Barcelona

Would you like to work on your difficulties with other people that come from abroad?

Settling in a foreign city can be extremely challenging: new language, new culture, new customs and the huge effort to build up a new social network, sometimes from scratch.

These group sessions are aimed to work on your issues with other English-speaking participants that might be experiencing the same and that can really relate to what you are going through. It is specifically beneficial to those who tend to isolate, work remotely or have difficulties in their communication with others.

The group meets on a weekly basis in the evening in a centric office in Barcelona, starts in Fall and ends in June.

What will you gain from this group?

· Awareness of yourself and blind spots

· Insight on how you relate to others and why

· Communication skills and other ways of dealing with people in a safe environment

· Trust others

· Deep understanding of human nature and group dynamics

· Emotional intelligence


For any information on available vacant places, do not hesitate asking.